Michelle Laffrey

Michelle Laffrey

Center/Scheme: Early Birds Pre Kindy

3 words that describe them in a nutshell:

Word 1Word 2Word 3
Happy, PassionateEngaging, ReliableBrilliant, Down to earth

Tell us why they are an awesome educator in 150 words or less

Two of my children have or are attending Early Birds Pre Kindy and they have both loved it. Miss Michelle is a wonderful person, she makes prekindy a fun and engaging place where the kids don’t even realise how much they are learning because they are having so much fun. My daughter can’t wait to come back to kindy after the holidays she loves Michelle and Early Birds so much. My children have and will begin school as prepared as possible thanks to Michelle and our family is so grateful to her. She deserves recognition for what a fantastic educator she is!

Nominated by Jody Lucas

You could not ask for a better early childhood educator; she is fun, loving and helps make the transition of this unknown stage of life for both children and parents so easy.

Nominated by Leanne Kwai

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