Jacey Kitcher

Jacey Kitcher

Center/Scheme: Jaceys Family Daycare, Family Day Care Dubbo

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Jacey is an absolute blessing to all of her FDC families. She is the most caring and attentive person and has become a part of our family. Jacey treats all of her kids as if they were her own. All of the children are happy and comfortable in Jaceys home and all of the parents of Jaceys daycare children will agree we have the most amazing woman in our lives to entrust with our most valuable possessions. Our children learn so much with Jacey in a fun environment and she assist them to meet all milestones. It is a great feeling to be able to work and not be constantly worried about your children knowing they are in great hands at all times. Jacey is the perfect mix of teacher, fun Aunty and parent and we are absolutely blessed.

Nominated by Sarah Southwell

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