Kathleen Yatkowsky

Kathleen Yatkowsky

Center/Scheme: Tykes N Tots Dayhome, Hay River North West Territories Canada

3 words that describe them in a nutshell:

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Loving, AmazingGiving, CaringThoughtful, Dedicated

Tell us why they are an awesome educator in 150 words or less

Kathleen always puts the needs of her kids and families first. With highly detailed monthly themes based on the children’s interest she shows the children in her care about the world around them in a way that is meaningful and thought provoking. My kids learn and grow daily with tons of opportunities to explore their world.

Nominated by Tanya Morais

Kathleen always goes above and beyond. She spends countless hours setting up for the kids. She always has the best interest at heart for her kids. She is totally dedicated to the kids in her care.
Kath has an amazing play based learning set up for her kids. I witness the amount of enjoyment that the kids have when they are in her care. They are learning constantly.

Nominated by Robert Peters

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