Anna Middlemiss


Anna Middlemiss

Anna takes great pride in her work, always smiling and listening to the children. She’s always finding ways to relate to each individual child and goes above and beyond to ensure parents are well informed of the children’s progress. Anna is the first person to approach us when we pick up our son to give us an update on his day and helps us by making suggestions to help him improve. She has taken special attention to help our child grow and develop by persistently guiding him through toileting and interacting with other kids. We are very grateful for Anna, she really deserves recognition for the passion and effort she puts into her work.

Nominated by Lucia Stone

Anna is a caring educator and our son is very fond of her. She is so loving with the children, giving them cuddles and teaching them lots of new and exciting things. The kids really respect Anna and I think it’s because of the way she relates to the children. Her work extends to including the parents by informing us on how our son is doing and is so encouraging to his progress. Anna needs to be considered for this award in recognition for her outstanding work.

Nominated by Adam Stone