Deborah Weisse


Deborah Weisse

As a first time mum heading back to the workforce, I was anxious about leaving my daughter (Aura) with a stranger.
From my first contact with Deb i felt so comfortable and reassured. She took my daughter on as her first and has been the most amazing educator and friend.
Aura has learnt so much with Deb and I am able to go to work knowing my daughter is in the best hands.
Deb has shown such love, respect and nurture with her families. She treats all the children in her care as her own and even goes out of her way to help when the kids (Or parents) are sick, offering her help and advice.
My daughter absolutely loves going to daycare and has such trust in Deb, enjoying every moment she spends there.
Deb is truly the most amazing woman.

Nominated by Nakiecha Spencer

Deb is such an amazing person. Thanks to her, settling my youngest son into daycare has been so easy on both myself and him. He is learning so much and is becoming his own independent little person. He gets excited to go when he knows he’ll be seeing Deb. I have been able to transition back into the workforce without the extra stress of worrying about how my son is coping, just knowing he is with Deb is enough to put my mind at ease as i know that he is safe and cared for. There isn’t any situation Deb couldn’t handle and I intend to keep Carter in her care until he is ready for school.

Nominate by Amanda Baldrey