Lindy Crosbie

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Lindy Crosbie

I couldn’t ask for a better educator for my children. We’ve been with Lindy for close to six amazing years. I trust Lindy implicitly. The love, guidance and care she has, and passed onto my girls will shape them for the rest of their lives. The girls feel like an extension to Lindy’s own family. She’s been able to provide fantastic flexibility when it comes to the ebbs and flow of life. The quality of the education and the activities each day ensure a continual learning environment which freely allows for creativity and imagination. The girls absolutely adore Lindy.

Nominated by Kasey Bion

2 thoughts on “Lindy Crosbie

  1. Oh my goodness, words escape me on how truly wonderful Lindy is.
    We have been with Lindy for 6 years now, in that time we have found her love & support exceptional. Her day to day programmes both excite & teach the children, her beautiful, loving, quiet nature has guided my children in the most beautiful & caring way, we have always been made feel very much part of her family & we certainly feel she is part of ours.

  2. Lindy is my son’s second Mother. He loves her so very much. Lindy is kind, nurturing & fun with all the children she takes care of and I’ve never had to worry about a thing when I drop him off & go to work. He still asks to visit Lindy, even though he is in school now. Lindy has had a huge impact on mine & my sons lives.

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