Cathy Nicholson


Cathy Nicholson

Cathy is fantastic and like a second mum to my 3 kids. They love being looked after by her and i have absolute trust in the care she provides.

Nominated by Nikki Fox

She is great with my child and he adores her and loves going to daycare.

Nominated by Kirsty Nicholson

Cathys family daycare went above and beyond for my family. She made me feel extremely comfortable leaving my 5 and half month old in her care, making the transition easy on me being a first time mum. She provides a great environment for all kids and you just know this isnt a job for her, she take pride in helping raising young children preparing them for big kindy and also cool.

Nominated by Victoria Merckel

Cathy is always thinking about others and putting our needs above her own.

Nominated by Tori Nicholson

Cathy always goes to the end of the earth for all her families. My children have great anxiety and have never had an issue with Cathy. She truely deserves this!

Nominated by Amber Smidt

Cath is amazing at creating a fun, happy and safe family environment. My boys love going to before school care and after school care, they feel comfortable and safe! They do activities, arts and crafts and generally have fun with the other kids.

Nominated by Dallas Sharp

Cathy is amazing with my daughter. She’s always keeping her busy, entertained, she’s nuturing and goes over and above to help us out!

Nominated by Lauren Martin