Despina Mamounis

Despina Mamounis

Center/Scheme: Despina’s Family Day Care, South West Mission Australia

3 words that describe them in a nutshell:

Word 1Word 2Word 3
Loving, CaringCaring, HonestHonest, Leader

Tell us why they are an awesome educator in 150 words or less

Despina has been a second mum to my kids. She always cares for them like her own. I never worry when I leave my son with her all day, as I know he is in good hands.

Nominated by Mariam Massih

She is fantastic. Puts 100 per cent effort into our kids. Has helped my son who had a speech delayment catch up and excel. She is loving, caring, honest and put the kids first.

Nominated by Chrisovalanda Neofytou


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