Marti Lancaster


Marti Lancaster

I am in awe of the passion, motivation and enthusiasm Marti exhibits for her job all day, every day.

Marti is a coordinator. She coordinates all things fun. Egg carton castles, bee hives, solar system models, foreign languages, school readiness and fun excursions.

Marti is an accumulator. She accumulates the love of every single child she teachers and makes every child feel special. She helps all her children accumulate friendships and builds their sense of belonging within their class.

Marti is an accelerator. She accelerates the development of our children’s early childhood skills. Her science and creative arts curriculums develop higher order thinking, creative skills and a love for learning in all students. She’s Amazing.

Nominated by Michelle Poore

Marti is always engaging and supportive to all the parents but most importantly she is respectful to the kids. The kids are her number one priority and she only has there best interests at heart.

Nominated by Bron Thomas