Vivien Green


Vivien Green

Vivien treats all her little charges like they were her own children and makes a huge effort to help them feel comfortable and happy at day care. She puts a lot of energy and love into the many activities she involves the children in and in doing so fosters confidence, empathy and curiosity. There are many occasions where our son has demonstrated a skill or some knowledge we didn’t know he had (eg cracking eggs, identifying plants, caring for animals, counting to twenty) . We feel so lucky to have found Viv. Thanks to her our son is heading into kinder (and the world) well prepared socially, emotionally and cognitively – we could not have asked for a better start for him.

Nominated by Briony Phillips

Words can’t express why our ViVi is the best
It’s her warmth
It’s her smile
It’s her cruisey country style

She’s like a mama to our kids
She patches grazes
Opens lids

She makes them jelly
Goes exploring
A day with Vivi’s never boring

They wave to steam trains
Splash in Spring rains

Tie up laces
Put on gumboots
Plant some veggies
Put down strong roots

Viv teaches love
She teaches balance
She nurtures everybody’s talents

She’ll help u skateboard,ride & climb
She will catch u every time

She’ll sing u songs
She’ll fill your belly
She loves u even when you’re smelly

Viv is friendly
She is fun
She’s ‘Educator # 1’
She has the skills
She has the knowledge
The wisdom & the smarts
But what she has that’s most important, ViVi has the ❤

Nominated by Purdy Buckle