Jessica Sides


Jessica Sides

Jessica strives to be the best she can be, as a person, educator and friend! She works hard to develop her friend in care to their full potential, with challenging and fun play experiences. She enthusiastic and approaches each day with her uniqueness.

Nominated by Sara Nicholson

Jessica cares about her work as an educator. She makes sure the kids enjoy their time and gives them lots of stimulating things to do so their minds are learning. She is an awesome educator!

Nominated by Rebeca Fennell

2 thoughts on “Jessica Sides

  1. Jessica takes that extra special care and goes the extra mile for her families in care, she is a happy, kind person who is excited about what she can do to help her children learn. She shows strength and compassion in her life and her business.

  2. Jessica is great with the young children, showing them day to day routines, simple education, helping individual children to understand behaviour issues. She makes education a fun time for the children thus enabling them to understand better the concepts being taught.
    The children love going to “a day with Jess” and when they come home they talk about what they have learnt and ask “When can we go back to Jess?”
    I am a grandma and a retired nurse with 50 yrs experience and have found her to be exceptional with the young children in her care.

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