Marie Routsis


Marie Routsis

Marie is an awesome educator because she connects with the children on such a great level and you can see she genuinely cares for them and is extremely professional, I am so comfortable in handing my 1 year old daughter over to Marie and feel so secure knowing she is under Marie’s supervision. Marie always provides updates and how the children’s day’s went . Marie is creative with the activities she provides for the children, Marie also has her own 2 little boys, she is constantly with little ones but still always has the energy for all her children at day care. The world needs more educators like Marie.

Nominated by Emma Demertzis

3 thoughts on “Marie Routsis

  1. Marie is a carrying teacher that always looks after all her babies only as a mother can. We are so blessed to have her looking after our child. She is perfect. Never change Marie. Love M&S.

  2. Marie is a very dedicated and hard working person both personally and professionally. She is a great educator and role model for children and deserves to succeed. Her efforts and hard work should be recognised.

  3. One of the best if not the best in the industry always caring and professional to her babies there would be more like Marie. M&S

  4. A privilege to have Marie educate my children both on a professional and personal level. Her love, care, commitment and honesty is always appreciated. Good luck.

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