Meet Our Educators: Emily Robinson – Little Avalon Family Daycare


Meet Our Educators: Emily Robinson – Little Avalon Family Daycare

Q – What is the best thing about working with little people?
A – 
Enjoying the simple things in life and I love seeing the world from their little eyes. Even a simple walk can really remind you of how their perspectives are so different. They’re still so open and innocent, and they’re not rushing, so they notice the small things – like beautiful leaves on the ground, or flowers in a tree. Things that busy adults might not notice or appreciate.

Q – What’s a standout moment of joy you’ve had as an Educator? Can you describe it for us?
A – 
Watching and assisting the process of children growing and developing into independent, loving and confident little people. While it’s always a little sad to watch them go off to “big school” at the end of their time with me, it really makes me stop and remember how far they’ve come since the first day they walked through my door. I know I’ve touched their life, and lives of their family members, and that brings me real joy.

Q – Is there a style of teaching that inspires and motivates you?
A – 
It’s so simple, but it’s just such a powerful lesson that never ceases to amaze me… children learn through play! You can provide a child with the same resources, or a similar activity repeatedly, and every time they will create a new and different experience! One small change in the play can take the child on a completely different journey from the one they went on previously. Imagination is an incredible thing, and offering opportunities for play is something I feel passionate about!

Q – How does Kinderloop help you in your role as an Educator?
A –
  Kinderloop seamlessly connects educators to families, and assists in the planning and documenting of children’s leaning and development. Aside from the fact that it ensures all of my compliancy requirements are met, it just makes life as an Educator so much simpler!

Q – What’s your favourite feature (or features) in Kinderloop?
A – 
My favourite feature is the option for families to post back to Kinderloop. This feature is fantastic as not only does it help with connection and communication amongst my families, but it then also assists with my planning and programming cycle as I can incorporate the feedback from the family into their child’s current interests.

Q – Is there a feature that you’d like to see incorporated into Kinderloop?
A – 
Maybe a calendar – or similar – to remind me of children’s birthdays and other similar events? There are so many things to coordinate each week!

**Hey Emily! Kinderloop here… we wanted to share this great Kinderloop feature that allows you to set reminders to help coordinate everything!
Check it out: Auto Create Post.

Q – Do you have a favourite activity or recipe you could share?
A – 
Yes! Sensory playdough is an easy, all-time favourite that never gets old! All you need is:
– all purpose flour
– vegetable oil
– oil based food coloring or powdered food coloring
– a bowl for mixing
– and a sensory tub for getting REALLY messy in!

Thanks so much for your feedback and insights Emily! It’s always really interesting to get a feel for how other Educators think and operate!

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