Nazanin Rahnamarad


Nazanin Rahnamarad

From day one, I have noticed that she is very committed towards her work, she knows how to settle kids, she has well understanding of kids psychology to understand the problems and then try to resolve them.
She communicates very well and is very responsive very soft and listens to parents very patiently and specially my kids fussy eating issues and has helped me very much. I have no doubts and her work should be recognised.

Nominated by Shubhy Gupta

4 thoughts on “Nazanin Rahnamarad

  1. Nazanin is one of the most committed, kind hearted and caring person. She is always working hard to ensure the children are in a safe and playful environment to learn and build the skills. She is loving and all the children enjoy having her around. She is definitely someone that works effectively within the team and brings value to the centre. We all really enjoy working with her

  2. Miss Nazi is loved by all the kids lucky enough to have her looking after them. My boy can hardly wait to get into daycare to see her each day and always has several big kisses for her. She shows such warmth, knowledge and wisdom towards all the kids. I am so glad my son is being looked after by someone who loves him!

  3. My son is just 11 months old and is new to the Cherrybrook Center. Nazanin has taken care of him very well and made him comfortable. She listens to the parents’ patiently and tries to follow their instructions. She answers all question patiently which is very important as parents want to know how the child was the whole day. Kids love her presence around as she is very caring and loving. Thank you Nazanin.

  4. Nazanin is a sweet lady, a very nice work mate. As a new staff in the Cherrybrook centre, I do not find it hard to relate and communicate with her. I see not only her dedication at work and love for children, but also her care for fellow educators. Thank you Nazanin! You are appreciated 🙂

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