Our partnership with Early Start – A first for Australia, a model for the world


Our partnership with Early Start – A first for Australia, a model for the world

We cannot contain our excitement in being named one of two special partners in the exciting, world first, Early Start program!

Early Start is the most exciting academic and community engagement project that is currently taking place in Australia. From the simple premise, “every child deserves the best possible start to life” we are developing the most sophisticated teaching, research and community engagement initiative in higher education.

Early Start is a $44 million transformational project that aims to create and enrich life opportunities for young Australians from birth – 12 years.  We aim to drive real social change through world class teaching programs that utilize 21st century technologies to connect regional and remote communities.

Early Start will become an international hub for multi-disciplinary research tackling issues as varied as early cognitive development, healthy lifestyles and inspiring creativity in our young. Most of all, Early Start will remain as it started a “grass roots” program that will engage young children and their families, share experiences and connect people with University for life. Yes, we have high expectations for Early Start. A first for Australia, a model for the world is our mission.

Early Start is an exciting multi-disciplinary initiative based at the University of Wollongong. With an agenda that is both innovative and ambitious it aims to address a wide range of personal, social and economic issues that have a significant effect in our communities.

Developed in response to a new wave of research confirming the critical impact of education on children’s health, development and life outcomes, Early Start will radically transform teaching, research and community engagement in the higher education sector.

Sophisticated facilities and the latest technologies will ensure connections to many different services across regional, rural and remote communities as well as nationally and internationally.

In short, Early Start presents a blueprint for learning in the 21st Century and beyond.

In 2011, Bellambi Point Community Preschool was engaged as a pilot centre for the Early Start Engagement Centre network. The aim was to trial the use of interactive technologies in an early childhood setting in order to understand how digital media and connectivity can support educators and students through the Early Start project. Throughout the trial, a variety of projects were implemented with children and families including Kinderloop. These were designed to encourage wider community and family engagement and highlight how the new technology can benefit pedagogy in the early learning environment.

To find out more, check out the Early Start Website