Samantha Bowhay


Samantha Bowhay

Sam is amazing with the kids! She gets them outdoors and isn’t afraid to let them get a bit dirty. They explore sensory play, paint, draw and ride bikes. My daughter especially loves her ducks and chickens.

Nominated by Tiffany Henderson

2 thoughts on “Samantha Bowhay

  1. Sam (or Sam’s House as she is affectionately known by my kids) has been our “Thursday Mum” for years and has become more ‘family’ than ‘day care’. She does more activities and learning experiences with the kids in a day that we manage to fit in a week and my kids always LOVE going to Sam’s House. I believe a kids development rises and falls on the quality of their care, I wouldn’t have my babies anywhere else! We love you Sam’s House!

  2. My daughter is so much more confident in herself since she has been going to Sam’s house. Sam has helped her calm her frustrations and learn how to figure things out all by herself. I am so glad we found such a fantastic educator.

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