Sarah Davis


Sarah Davis

Sarah is a fantastic educator. She listens and adopts her lessons to each child’s needs/interests. Sarah is also passionate about healthy choices, environmentally friendly choices, sustainability and she educated the kids on these areas aswell. She doesn’t just do “regular” play activities she has created a vege garden for the kids to grow and also has the kids participate in life skills such as tidying up wiping down benches etc.
She is a fabulous educator and the children and families adore her.

Nominated by Georgina Davis

8 thoughts on “Sarah Davis

  1. Sarah is so kind and passionate about her job, not that she calls it a job! Our family adore her and love going there 🙂

  2. I have never met my granddaughters kindy teacher but I am a member of kinderloop and am very impressed by her dedication, caring and professional manner. Sarah obviously is a very passionate and resourceful lady who has the children she cares for and teaches best interests and well being as a priority. I have worked for as a Teacher Aide for 32 years with children from Preprep to year 7 and the foundation learning these children are receiving with have them more than ready for school. Congratulations on being nominated and I look forward to meeting you.

  3. Sarah is amazing with children. Both my sons have been in her care and they have learnt so many skills and life lessons off her. She helps out and is flexible to meet my needs. I would recommend her 1000 times over for this award.

  4. The childcare industry is very lucky to have someone like Sarah Davis teaching and looking after children. The children have someone who shows an interest in lots of different activities every day and she shows them how to become passionate about what they do. She shows them the importance of things like recycling, growing food and composting. I’m sure these children will grow up learning valuable lessons with Sarah,. Keep up the great work Sarah, you are an inspiration to us all.

  5. Sarah
    Is the most passionate and dedicated educator I have had the please of knowing .She is always coming up with new ideas to educate and teach her kids new things. She’s also very passionate about the environment and tries to instill this into the kids. She would be a very worthy recipient.

  6. Sarah truly cares, and wants to make a difference.
    Under her care blossom children blossom and grow……..they love her practical hands on nurturing lessons.
    Sarah not only does an outstanding job bringing up her own two children, she also wants others to be the best they possibly can. She is an inspiration to young & old!

  7. Sarah is a fantastic educator and my daughter just loves going to Sarah’s each week. She is very passionate and is very dedicated to all the kids in her care. Sarah teaches the kids valuable life lessons (doing dishes, wiping down tables, sweeping floors) that they would not get at a centre. She is gery passionate about sustainable living and is trying to instill this behaviour into the children. As new parents Sarah always keeps us updated as to how our daughter is progressing both socially and intellectually and reassures us or explains things in great detail if we have questions or concerns. She is a wonderful person and I am glad she is my daughters educator

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