Tanya Speechley


Tanya Speechley

I was so nervous to send my daughter to care, but Tanya has been absolutely amazing!
Layla is so happy to go each day and Tanya is great at coming up with different activities to make everyday fun/interesting and at the same time educational.
My partner Nathan and I couldn’t be happier with the care Layla is receiving at family daycare, and I know that all of the other parents feel the same.
I really hope she wins this prize, because she definitely deserves to be recognised for her fantastic work.

Nominated by Tara Scott

4 thoughts on “Tanya Speechley

  1. We LOVE Tanya 🙂
    She has been fantastic with our daughter from day one, always supportive and knowledgeable with every like toilet training etc.
    Tulsi always enjoys her days there with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.
    We wish she could have our daughter until she’s 10!!!

  2. Tanya is such an amazing educator. Both my children Raine and Jaylah love going each week. They have both developed so many skills since going to Tanya’s including independence, self confidence and many social skills. Tanya deserves the recognition for the amazing job she does.

  3. Tanya is absolutely amazing! Over the last 5 years I have had (and still do) my three boys under her care and when I say care that’s exactly what she does. Tanya is incredibly caring and puts your child’s needs first. I have one ASD child and throughout the ascertaining process Tanya was completely supportive, ensuring that her family daycare met the needs of Master C. Without Tanya’s support and encouragement the process would have been far more daunting. Today, the Year 1 Master C wants to go to Tan’s everyday. As for the younger two children, Tanya deserves an award for being so incredibly patience with the Baby Shark Do do do do do do obsession

  4. My son was only 8 months old when I had to put him into care to return to work. It was such a scary & guilty time for me and it was knowing that he was going to such a caring loving home, that put my mind at ease. He has the best time on his days there. It is a great mixture of fun & educational activities. I’ve always said I feel like I’m dropping Koa to his extended family when he goes to visit Tan. I also feel like she treats all the kids as part of her family. I’m an forever greatful she was reccommended to me and I wish my son could stay in her care forever!

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