Bindi Pahladi


Bindi Pahladi

Bindi never ceases to amaze me with her activities she does with the kids. Lots of fun at home and excursions out and about, learning as they go. As new parents and going back to work, it has been so comforting to know our son is in great hands with Bindi and it’s obvious to us that she has his best interests in mind. So so lucky!

Nominated by Emily Dixon

3 thoughts on “Bindi Pahladi

  1. Thank you so very much for nominating me! It is an absolute privilege to be a part of your little guys life and love seeing him grow every single day! Thanks so very much for your recognition and appreciation, it means so much!

  2. I met Bindi a few years ago, she invited my little ones over for a play visit. She baked with the children including each a every child as her own. Bindi is so loving and caring and offers so much variety for each child. My kids did not want to leave ❤️

  3. As a parent of four and a grandparent of three I consider Bindi to be a kind and caring educator who puts in a great deal of effort to help the kids in her centre. She is never too busy to help the parents as well.

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