Jodiee Murphy


Jodiee Murphy

Amazing attention towards kids, very helpful and professional specially first days/ weeks. Extremely hands on and if you need something person to go. Best of best.

Nominated by Nidia Santos

Jodiee is awesome in everyway. Her big smile each morning and afternoon shows how much she loves the children. She never stops moving and is always up on her feet making sure the children are having the times of their lives.

Nominated by Liana Miles

Jodiee is a hard worker, commited to what she does, lives being around kids. She is a very good educator and a reliable person. Always ready to help.

Nominated by Isabel Boada

Jodiee made us feel comfortable and welcome from our very first visit. She matches the children’s energy levels and comes up with new and creative ways to make learning fun.

Nominated by Laura Albulario

Jodie is a natural with children. she has the ability to care, love and educate kids everyday and also to effectively communicate to parents. Her experience shows as she’s practical, understands how kids and takes the time to get to know them. She also is very very good at reassuring parents and conveying a total sense of calm ‘everything is undercontrol’ approach h to her work while also being energetic and fun every day.

Nominated by Philippa Zingales

Jodiee always looks after our little girl. Jodiee welcomes her with arms wide open having my daughter run into her arms. Jodiee sure knows how to put a smile on my daughters face and often makes me laugh with her weird and wacky ideas. Leaving my daughter with her, makes me feel so at ease. My daughter takes awhile to warm to people, but with Jodiee its a completely different relationships. All i hear about is Jodiee Jodiee Jodiee at home and im so happy we found her.

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10 thoughts on “Jodiee Murphy

  1. Jodiee is a hard worker and always puts the children and her center at the top of her list. She is very energetic and loves to be creative and spontenous even in those last minute ideas. Jodiee has a big heart and loves all the children in her care. She always strives to be her best and is always there for both children and parents.
    When you meet Jodiee you sure know she loves her job.

  2. My kids loves her infectious positive energy and her loving nature. I can see that she’s enthusiastic with the delivery of care, mentor and education. She has a genuin care about the kids and it’s great!

  3. She is very committed and passionate about her job. She is energetic and always ready to help!

  4. Nothing is too much trouble. The children adore her, learn from her & grow so much in her care. As a parent knowing your children are in the care of Jodiee makes you feel so reassured. I have seen first hand my little people grow, learn & become their own selves under her nuturing & guidance. Jodiee finds the little things in each individual child, even the most challenging which makes them love themselves & each other. A fantastic role model & mentor to future childcare staff learning this very special career.

  5. Jodiee is a special gifted carer. Born to work with children you feel & see her passion for her job everyday. The children adore her & she always finds the unique qualities in each & every child, even the most challenging! Jodiee is creative & inspiring which makes learning so much fun. As a parent leaving your children in her care is easy as you know they will be safe, cared for & nutured. Jodiee has become a wonderful role model & mentor for new staff starting their career in childcare which also shows her commitment & dedication to young people & their families.

  6. Best in the business. We have watched Jodie grow in her career. She pretty much started as our first started day care and has now taken care of all 3 of our kids. Great educator and the kids really love her.

  7. Jodiee is clearly very passionate, enthusiastic and driven in her work as an educator and carer. She shows great care, interest and love for the children and creates a fun, nurturing and progressive environment for the children she cares for. This is evident as the children all warm to Jodiee’’s joyous and positive nature. Jodiee is deserving of this recognition.

  8. How can you only use three words? Jodie is amazing, she’s caring, kind, friendly, energetic, reassuring, reliable…. all the above! My son loves her!

  9. We love this girl so much, she is like family!! Jodiee has looked after 2 of my boys and will be looking after one more this year.. . You’re amazing and Noah will miss you next year

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