Thamara Brandigampala


Thamara Brandigampala

She is as kind as a grandma and at the same time she is as serious as a good teacher…

Nominated by Daniel Eftekharian

Ms Thamara has always been very friendly and welcoming from the first day she started at my son’s childcare. She is attentive and displays affection and warmth towards the children. She is also caring and willing to provide advise and suggestions towards any of my personal concerns or worries. I feel comforted and at ease knowing that I am leaving my son in good hands and that he will taken care of to the best of her ability while I am at work. Thank you Ms Thamara for your care and dedication to the children at Just for Kids Kellyville!

Nominated by Anita Leong

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  1. Ms Thamra is an amazing educator. She always gives her best and works tirelessly to give our Pre-schoolers the best chance at achieving their goals. I am proud to direct and work beside such a great teacher and individual. Thamara truly deserves this recognition for her great work.

  2. Thamara builds positive relationships with everyone and is very friendly. The kids absolutely love her presence. She works with so much dedication and truely deserves to be recognised.

  3. Miss Thamara is the best! I love her as she is so kind and caring especially when I am sad sometimes.

  4. Thamara is a dedicated and passionate educator, who gives her all to teach the children who are in her care. Thamara uses great teaching methods to foster the children’s interests, individual capabilities and to strengthen their academic skills. Thamara is caring and is always smiling, this attitude provides the children with a safe and supportive environment. The children adore Thamara, are always eager to learn and involve themselves within all learning experiences. This all comes down to, Thamara’s hard work and commitment to teach.

  5. My daughter calls her Ms. Happy Tamara….she is a very caring, loving and kind teacher inspiring every child to do better each day???.

    1. Miss Thamara is a dedicated educator who maintains positive relationships everyone.. she works hard to expand the children’s knowledge and also a mentor for the rest of the team. I strongly believe that she deserves this award.

  6. Miss Thamara has been a fantastic educator for our daughter. She encourages learning in a fun playful way which allows the children she looks after to flourish!

  7. Miss Thamara is awesome. She is easily approachable, kind, caring, friendly ,flexible,well disciplined and has community building skills. Me and my son love all the activities done in the Smarties room. It just feels like extended family in smarties room.

  8. Ms Thamara is loving, affectionate, and so friendly whilst also being a firm, disciplined educator. Her natural warmth draws you to her and she is always happy to listen and have a chat about any concerns. There are big happy hugs at the end of each day for our daughter and we are very pleased with all her efforts in making education so fun and interesting!

  9. Miss Thamara is an extremely passionate educator who always strives for the best outcomes of the children. She is the most warm hearted, caring, nurturing person I have come across. Miss Thamara provides a supporting learning environment for the children while also ensuring to keep the children’s interests as the backbone of her programming.

  10. Miss Thamara is a kind and generous educator and always welcoming to families and children. She always has a welcoming smile. Thamara is always working her best to help children achieve their goals.

  11. Thamara is a hard working, dedicated employee who is truly passionate about early childhood education. Thamara provides a nurturing and simulating environment and curriculum for all the children in her care

  12. Thamara is hard-working, enthusiastic and dedicated to early childhood education. Her meaningful, warm and sensitive interactions with all the children and families are to be highly commended. Thamara provides a stimulating and nurturing learning environment and curriculum for all the children in her care.

  13. It is a pleasure to work alongside Miss Thamara. Her warm personality radiates through her interactions with the children. She is a hard worker and is very passionate about early childhood education.

  14. Thamara is a great role model not only to the children in her care but also to the other educators within the centre.. She always comes up with creative ideas to expand the children’s interests in any area. I truly believe that Thamara deserves to be rewarded for her amazing contribution.

  15. I am providing my comments having known Thamara since she was 17. Thamara’s gentle soul has always been a part of who she is. Child care has been her perfect career choice because of her inbuilt ability to focus on the needs of others and to really understand how to build relationships with children.
    However it is another quality which I believe puts her above others – her advocacy and commitment to good practice and high quality care. This is not just her job – it is her vocation.
    Rosemary Fitzgerald Director Child Well-being, NSW Health

  16. Thamara is very kind, caring and responsible. She is always passionate about her work. She is truly deserves to be awarded.

  17. Ms Thamara is an outstanding educator! She is dedicated to providing the best learning environment for her students. My son loves participating in activities with her. Ms Thamara is amazing at creating engaging and exciting lessons based on students interests.

  18. MS Thamara is a wonderful teacher. She shows compassion and care to all the kids she looks after. She is always willing to take the time for each child to make them feel special. My kids have grow so much since being in her care.

  19. MsThamara is excellent educator. My kid feels very comfortable interacting with her..

    Always smiling and caring

  20. Ms Tamara is one of the best and care educayor, my son love her so much. Everytime i drop my son and see her on duty, I feel secure and happy as my son always happy to be leave behind with her.
    Ms Tamara is very passionate and always smile doing her job.
    Keep up the good work

  21. Ms Thamara treats all the children like her own. She is able to make each child feel special.
    The exciting and educating lessons she creates reflects her dedication and passion towards early childhood education. Her hardwork truly deserves to be awarded and recognised.

  22. Ms Thamara is very warm, caring and kind in nature. She is dedicated and passionate about her work. She truly cares for her students and tries her best to provide a knowledgeable, engaging and enjoyable activities on a daily basis.

  23. Ms. Thamara is not just a teacher, but she is an amazing human being. Because she is kind, considerate and most importantly positive at all times. She is passionate and truly enjoys the smiles on the kids’ faces. She is well read and is very understanding. Her positivity is inspirational to all the kids around her. Her attitude nutures the young minds as well as people around her. As one of her first Students, I have witnessed her attentive nature And kindness first hand. She is a role model, in the most truest sense.

  24. A very kind and gentle soul with a genuine interest in honing the kids abilities and further their interests.

  25. I have known Ms. Thamara for some time now. I had the opportunity to work and learn from her. She is an amazing educator with passion towards care and education of young children. She always comes up with innovative ideas and makes learning fun for the children. She is very caring and attentive educator.
    Best wishes,

  26. Ms Thamara always makes children feel at home. She is kind and attentive to children’s need. I share the everyone elses’ comments about her. Congrats on the Nomination.

  27. Ms Thamara is an amazing educator. She is patient, kind, enthusiastic and knowledgeable educator and colleague.

  28. Ms Thamara is so very gentle and loves all the children very dearly. She is always happy and smiling and this is welcoming especially during the morning drop offs as it make the children want to go school. All the best Ms Thamara,.

  29. Ms Thamara is an outstanding educator. She is inspiring to us educators too.
    Her students adore her and she is very popular among the staff members too.
    She truly deserves to be acknowledged!

  30. Miss Thamara is always kind and cheerful and greets everyone with a smile. Her warm friendly and caring attitude has helped Isabel transition from her old centre to JFK with ease.

  31. Miss Thamara is really a great and passionate teacher. She always care and love the children and make them feel like home. She makes school a fun place to be. After pickup my son from school he always say that “ I had a fun day in school Mum”. I love the way she expands children’s interest and play games with them accordingly. I really like to communicate with you as you are always very welcoming and share good ideas. You truly deserve the best Miss Thamara.
    Good luck and congratulations

  32. Thamara is a kind and wonderful educator. Her lessons are thoughtful and educational. She trully deserves recognition for her hard work and dedication to educating our children. Annika adores her and will miss her dearly next year.

  33. Miss Thamara is such caring loving and experienced person.. my son love her so much . she has a big heart and very patient too with kids. I like her style in educating and creativity. Best of luck.

  34. Thamara is a genuine, loving, and caring human being. She has a special ability to connect with children, she always shows tender love towards them and her patients around them is amazing.
    My children admire her immensely. She has been a wonderful, loving and supportive aunt to my children.

  35. Miss Tharma is very kind, loving and sweet. She works really really hard when it comes to education. She never demotivates a student but always encouraging the student by saying YOU CAN DO IT PUTHA!!!!!
    She has a beautiful smile!!!!!

  36. Miss Thamara is the best educator I have met so far. She is caring and kind with kids. My son has learnt so my thinks this year in Her class. Miss Thamara is educating kids some project work which is great that helps all the kids to retain what they have learnt in class.

  37. Ms Thamara is a very kind and caring person. I have never seen her lose her temper and I’m very much amazed by the motherly nature she has. She is a good person and we admire her. She is the right person for this award.

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