Renee Wakelin


Renee Wakelin

Renee goes far and beyond her duties as an educator who is trustworthy, loyal and dedicated. There has never been a time she hasn’t welcomed us without a smile on her face which says a lot about her. She is a true asset to Munchkin Manor and I cannot find the slightest negative thing to say about her.

Nominated by Rebecca Obeid

Renee goes above and beyond for the kids. Her passion, commitment and dedication is enviable!

Nominated by Mirette Elghitany

2 thoughts on “Renee Wakelin

  1. Renée is the most loving caring nurturing fun teacher . All my 3 girls adore her and she has natural gift with children. They flock around her for comfort and I think she deserves to win!!

  2. Renee makes sending my kids to daycare that much easier! She makes me feel like my kids are safe and surrounded by friendliness and happiness all the time. She is by far one of the best educators I have ever come across. She is def an asset to the centre and by far an asset to us all. Thankyou Renee for always giving your best.

  3. Renee is a truly exceptional educator. Her compassion, patience and enthusiasm are boundless. She is thorough and professional, I feel completely at ease knowing she’s caring for my kids. It is obvious that she really loves, not only what she does, but every child in her care. We are incredibly lucky to have her at our centre.

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