Tabitha Webb


Tabitha Webb

Tabitha works in Family Day Care in the ACT. She is continuously striving to improve her practice and the experiences she provides to children. Her compassionate nature and her enthusiasm for her own professional development make her such a wonderful person for children to learn with. She is passionate about nature play and weaves the natural world into everything she does with the children. She is making a real difference and impact to the lives of children and families everyday.

Nominated by Emma Cornwall

One thought on “Tabitha Webb

  1. Tabitha was the most amazing childcare worker I’ve ever experienced. If we still lived in Australia she would be there every day. It was like sending my daughter to a friend’s house . I love the way she was with my daughter. So kind and loving. Tabitha is an amazing mom now and her compassionate ways will take her so far in life. Miss you heaps!!!

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