Tamara Wilkie


Tamara Wilkie

Tamara goes above and beyond her minimal responsibilities as an educator. She is an amazing role model for the children ensuring she is providing not only a fun and loving environment but one that encourages learning about the environment, academic and behavioural and emotional and social skills. She is passionate about her work and we are grateful to have her as part of our children’s lives.

Nominated by Felicia Mccallum

3 thoughts on “Tamara Wilkie

  1. Tamara has cared for both our son Hunter and now our daughter Indigo for many years now. We think she is exceptional as she provides not only care but a diverse range of experiences for the kids, helping to develop and shape them. Far beyond a carer I think her input has helped nourish their education to be better mannered, and more well rounded and balanced.

  2. Tamara has been an educator for our children for 8 years and always provided us with an engaging and supportive program. She is extremely passionate about her educator role and very caring and empathetic towards the children’s social and emotional needs. She organises a range of educational indoor and outdoor activities and projects, as well as regular excursions, using the Early Years Learning Framework. Our children both love their time at her daycare and we are able to chat about their day using the Kinderloop photos, videos and updates. Thankyou Tamara for all that you do for us and them!

  3. What an amazing person, so glad that 2 of our children have been able to be in her fantastic care. Wish that’s our eldest had as well. Such a support for our family.

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