Zaza Mourad


Zaza Mourad

My kids love Zaza. She always has a smile for them, hence they look forward to seeing her. She goes above and beyond being an educator.

Nominated by Joy Bergagnin

Zaza goes beyond what is expected of her to make the children feel loved and special. Zaza treats every child like her own, I never feel guilty about leaving my children in zaza hands as she is like another mother to them.

Nominated by Rebecca O’Kane

She is hardworking knowledgeable girl that is so dedicated to her work and loves the children so much.

Nominated by Elena Jovanovska


17 thoughts on “Zaza Mourad

  1. Great caring loving educator inspiration for everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Very cheerful, loving & caring , she was my daughter’s teacher 4 years ago and we still remember her for her good spirit & enthusiasm

  3. This lady is amazing. My children love her and so do I. This is such a well deserved nomination. She is a beautiful person and great educator

  4. Zaza is a brilliant carer and more than just a childcare educator to my children. She is their mother, friend, techer and most importantly, my supporter as a busy parent. I feel confident everyday leaving my child with Zaza.

  5. Even up to now that my children are in Y4 and Y1, they’re always happy whenever they see Zaza cause of the way she cared for them while they were at St Mary’s. That’s the kind of carer she is.

  6. Love your cheerful spirit and genuine care for each child! So happy to have my kiddies in your care

  7. One of the amazing educators I work with she is so passionate about what she does and always goes beyond in making everyone happy. Good luck Zaza

  8. Zaza is a person you can trust your child with. Whenever she approaches my son, it’s like she’s his mother and knows exactly how to deal with a toddler. I wish there were more educators like her!

  9. I’ve known Zaza for many years now and never met anyone that has passion towards children like her. She is a reliable, caring, energetic, responsible, outstanding and loving person which always has a big smile on her face. She treats all children equally and shows love and care towards them, that is why all the kids love her and can’t wait to see her again. SHE IS JUST ONE OF A KIND!! An amazing educator!!

  10. Zaza is the most love and Caring person you can come across. She’s always cheerful and full of energy. She has always been dedicated to what she does and puts so much effort into achieving her goals.
    I’ve always felt at ease knowing my kids are in the care of Zaza. She’s an awesome educator, the best I’ve ever seen!! Keep up your great achievements Zaza!

  11. Zaza is one of the most caring and kind people i have met. She showed me around the childcare when i started working there and helped me out so much. She’s so cheerful and loving, she brings a smile not just to the kids but everyone around her!

  12. There are no words to describe what a truly amazing educator Zaza is! I feel so blessed to have my kids in her care, they absolutely adore her

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