Casey Fraser


Casey Fraser

Casey is the most selfless, caring, loving person I could ever ask for to help my children grow. She goes above and beyond for her families in times of crisis. I know I along with the rest of the families would be lost without this wonderful, amazing woman in not only our children’s lives but our entire family.

Nominated by Kasie Paine

2 thoughts on “Casey Fraser

  1. I can second this nomination. My two little people have grown so much under the guidance and with the learning exoeriences provided by Casey. We are not only allowed into her home for daycare but are involved very closely with her family and children who are amazing with my children. An all round wonderful person, nurturer and teacher.I couldnt ask for more for my children.

  2. I can not thank Casey enough for what she has done for my grandchildren. Casey’s patience with children and special needs children goes way above and beyond. The way she interacts the children with the elderly and also with different arts and crafts for the children to develop their skills. All the best Casey you have been a very big part of my grandchildren’s lives and they love you.

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