Pamela Harries


Pamela Harries

Pamela meets the children, at their pace and at their space in time. She genuinely cares about what they’re interested in and how to continue wondering and exploring about the concept/ideas. She views the whole child, taking into consideration their emotional capabilities each day, and what challenges they’ve recently conquered. She is thoughtful and always questioning her own teaching processes, reflecting on them with her colleagues to be able to offer more.

Nominated by Emma Vozzo

One thought on “Pamela Harries

  1. Pam is one of our most loving, gentle and wise educator’s here at Bluey’s. The children are in absolute awe of Pam and often ask their parents if it’s “Pam day today”
    Pam has an incredible way of working with young children that encourages them and supports their emerging sense of self; last month she set up a “sky watching” club, the children discovered birds, weather and the moon. Sparking a huge surge of curiosity and wonderment in the natural world. I am blown away by some of the ideas Pam comes up with!
    Pam’s own natural curiosity and way of thinking is inspiring not only for the children but also for her fellow peers, we truly adore Pam and I know the children and families feel the same

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