Cherie Stephenson


Cherie Stephenson

Cherie is a beautiful person. She is cares about the children she looks after and also provides education, love and support. She is so good at what she does and I am so confident in ability to care for my 2 year old son. My son says “he loves teacher Cherie” and often does not want to come home! Cherie is passionate about her career and always looking for new and exciting ways to educate and entertain the children.
I am so grateful for all of her hard work and would like her dedication and hard work to be acknowledged.

Nominated by Rani Grosche

2 thoughts on “Cherie Stephenson

  1. Cherie is an important part of my sons life. she has helpped him transition into care make new friends and learning. she is kind, caring and a beautiful soul i trust her with my heart and soul. always keeps us upto date with whats going on and how my son has handled the day and how he has gone with the activities she has planned for them. she hasn’t changed since my oldest son had her about 4yrs ago. loves the children like there her own

  2. My daughter sees ‘my cherie’ (in her own words!) as a second mum! The bond they share is just beautiful! To see that bond as a parent between my child and educator is so comforting and never have I had a doubt about leaving my child in Cherie’s care. She has such a nurturing and caring nature and treats every child as an individual and builds on their strengths. She takes time to learn about each child and to have a great rapport with their parents. She is just amazing ?

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