Kathleen Yatkowsky


Kathleen Yatkowsky

Kathleen always puts the needs of her kids and families first. With highly detailed monthly themes based on the children’s interest she shows the children in her care about the world around them in a way that is meaningful and thought provoking. My kids learn and grow daily with tons of opportunities to explore their world.

Nominated by Tanya Morais

Kathleen always goes above and beyond. She spends countless hours setting up for the kids. She always has the best interest at heart for her kids. She is totally dedicated to the kids in her care.
Kath has an amazing play based learning set up for her kids. I witness the amount of enjoyment that the kids have when they are in her care. They are learning constantly.

Nominated by Robert Peters

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  1. Living across the street from Tykes n Tots Dayhome – brings a smile. The quality of programming and innovative experiences is incredible to see in a small and remote community. I’ve raised my kids but can tell you that there are many days that I’d like to go and participate!

  2. As a teacher, I am so impressed with the imagination, thought, and time Kathleen devotes to all her themes. The children are actively engaged and totally immersed in the learning experiences. The day’s events are shared with parents through photo and video journals posted daily. The costumes, tools, furnishings, and many special effects needed for each theme demonstrate that no time and effort is spared to foster learning and social skills. I am certain that the children in Kathleen’s care will be much better prepared for their future school life.

  3. First of all the time and effort put forth is amazing. The children’s happy faces tell it all. Whether they are eating/cooking, playing, hiking or having an inhouse event or regular day of play. Kathy puts forth her all, nothing is halfway. These children will have a great basis of right, wrong, fun, play and love for others when they start regular school. She is a wonderful example of what “loving your job” can bring forth.

  4. She does amazing things with the children, they’ve came for a visit to the fire hall to meet the firefighters and see the trucks. They’ve also been shown numerous businesses in town. Katheleen gardens with them and she’s so caring. I wish I could go to her day care!!!

  5. Congratulations for the nomination.You are the most caring and supportive dayhome operator that I know.It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.

  6. Congratulations for the nomination.You are the most loving and supportive dayhome operator that I know.It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.

  7. Kathleen is very creative and work hard to engage young minds while giving great care. She is very deserving

  8. Kathleen has a passion in working with young children as well as the understanding of child development where she plans and programs to meet each child’s individual needs. The ideas, thoughts, plans and motivation allows for a true fun learning play environment where anyone who enters the indoor and outdoor environments just want to roll up their sleeves to dive into play and has fun learning new things every week. It is always a pleasure to see what the children are engaged fun each week. The other area Kathleen is great at is networking and sharing her ideas, programming and plans with anyone who wants to set up a fun filled play environment as well. The Facebook page is always updated with new and fun ideas if not daily certainly a few times each week!

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