Connecting overseas family members


Connecting overseas family members

Today, we received this wonderful email from one of our kinderloop parents, thanks to Jan from Nelson Bay preschool for passing it on…

Hi Jan, Ray & the staffs at NBPS:

Thank you so much for linking Kinderloop page to my husband and especially to my parents who live in Japan.  Not only my husband, my parents (Sara’s grandparents) are physically and geographically not able to see what Sara is doing at preschool, in fact, they have never been able to see Sara in action since her birth!  Now they don’t have to miss out on anything and feel up-to-date and included.  They were so thrilled to see the Kinderloop page for the first time, and especially my mum, she sent me an email to tell you thank you, so, “Domo Arigato gozaimasu!”

I’ve been enjoying Kinderloop since you sent me an invitation.  Not only I can learn what Sara’s been up to at the preschool, I also can learn her friends’ name with pictures.  As I do not spend time there, I had no idea who Sara was talking about when she came home, but now I can relate to who she’s been playing.

This whole Kinderloop thing is brilliant!  There’s no need for me to stand at the bag area, when I’m running late already to find out what Sara’s been doing anymore.  I can have a sneak peak when kids go to bed in peace with a cuppa.

I really hope you’ll keep the system running.