Technology in Childcare, an Australian perspective


Technology in Childcare, an Australian perspective

In all aspects of life, technology has made life easier. Why wouldn’t early childhood be the same? I think in years to come, we will look back at the debate of technology use in early childhood and wonder why it was ever such a huge concern? Children learn from example; they see their parents engaging with technology every day and I don’t believe that any adult can live their life now without the use of technology.

You guys know this only too well, In EC we are so time poor. What all educators want is to provide a learning environment for the children that is optimal for the children’s learning and development. I say we should be doing this for the educators as well… This is where Kinderloop comes in. We all have responsibilities of documenting, planning, recording, assessing and evaluating. With one simple and very easy to use program, Kinderloop allows you to achieve all these things, and more through a secure loop that links families and educators together to create a holistic approach for managing our requirements under the National Regulations and NQF, with ease.

With our experimentation with Kinderloop we have learnt lots of do’s and don’ts, but now, we have figured out how to make it work for us. Not all services will use kinderloop in the same ways. I have seen this just by seeing how services are using it in our BFS services.

What does Kinderloop allow you to do:

* (The obvious) Capture moments now (photographic, video and text) and record instantly or  come back to record when time suits you best.

* Allow all educators, no matter what qualifications or position held in the service, to contribute to the development of all children (primary educators are not the only educators who are able to record learning for the children).

* Develop secure relationships with families – help to eliminate the ‘guilt factor’ of child care.

* Save time and money – less printing, more posting! This is sustainable.

* Be innovative – exploring new ways for recording & documentation, while spending time on the floor with the children.

* You don’t need to be tech savvy…. anyone can use it!

* Capture spontaneous moments that are not planned for to allow you follow up at a later date.

* Have accurate, up to date information on the children.

* Forces you to have an ipad, which allows educators to access the internet instantly to assist the children’s learning & development. EG: We have an electronic copy of the EYLF on the ipad that we can access immediately, and we use google with the children to research for their play.

* Can document as much or as little as is needed.

* Give you an edge over other service providers – Look what we have the centre x down the road doesn’t! 🙂

Nicole, DIrector Woronora Heights Childcare