Kinderloop + Mamabear = Awesome!


Kinderloop + Mamabear = Awesome!

So imagine our delight when we found out that while we were over in San Francisco exploring the US market and demo’ing Kinderloop to many interested parties, 500 Startups was organising Mamabear, one of the biggest family tech conferences in America!

Of course we went and boy what a fabulous day! We met some amazing people showing off their innovative technology solutions aimed at the younger market and got to hear all about the growing economic powerhouses of the Mum blogger from the likes of Sheila Dowd and Beth Blecherman. We also got to chat and compare notes with fellow like minded business startups such as CareLulu and KiteReaders.

Probably the highlight of the day was chatting about Kinderloop to both Robert Scoble and Randi Zuckerberg, the former wearing his Google glass and getting excited about how it could be used within the Kinderloop, child care environment!

The past three weeks we have had some solid feedback into the US market and its trigger points, we have welcomed new centres in California, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and England and we are working with them to understand their needs. We are meeting some awesome people who are going out of their way to help us, we very much appreciate all the help you are giving us as there is a long way
to go…

Interesting fact to finish on… did you know that the Mama Market is $2.1 Trillion Strong…and GROWING! Phew!!

Kind regards to all, Dan Day, Kinderloop Founder & Dad