Belinda Crosbie

Lindy Crosbie

I couldn’t ask for a better educator for my children. We’ve been with Lindy for close to six amazing years. I trust Lindy implicitly. The love, guidance and care she […]

Lori Inumerable

Lori is an awesome educator as she has passion about what she does and it shows in her attitude, surrounds, activities and her dedication and supportive nature to the kids […]

Vanessa McMahon

Vanessa treats the children as though they are her own. She takes them on regular excursions to the zoo, museums, parks etc, cooks beautiful food for them and goes the […]

Emma Barber

Emma creates such a great space for our children. Always feels welcoming. I love and respect how she teaches them. She is a great teacher! Nominated by Tomoko Allen

Lisa Ralston

Lisa creates such a great space for our children. Always feels welcoming. I love and respect how she teaches them. She is a great teacher! Nominated by Tomoko Allen

Chandra Shrestha

She is always keen to share my kid’s progresses and daily routine, she interacts with him with kindness and compassion. She is actively playing with the kids making sure they […]

Rachel Benetti

Rachel creates such a great space for our children. Always feels welcoming. I love and respect how she teaches them. She is a great teacher! Nominated by Tomoko Allen

Valerie Lane

Valerie has looked after 2 of my children over a 6 year period, she has this nurturing but firm way of caring for my children. One in a million! Nominated […]

Jennifer Tablan

Jennifer has started her Diploma trainee ship with us 6 months ago, she works hard, is very creative within the room environment always providing the children with fantastic learning environments. […]

Paula Leigh

Paula is the best educator I have met. She is constantly looking for ways to engage the children and stretch them in their development by providing them with challenging adventurous […]

Barbara Hodge

Barb is an educator with personal experience raising four children of her own and when she talks about her experiences with the families they feel at ease and reassured that […]

Marian Smith

She educates, inspires, supporting exploration of the world & the child’s own identity & abilities. She’s caring & children feel safe and celebrated. Nominated by Paige Duggan

Klarissa Munozco

Klarissa is an honest person. That makes us feel comfortable that we can leave our daughter with some one that we trust. She is well organized and responsible and thoughtful. […]

Maria Sirianni

Maria is an excellent educator because of her soft and warm caring approach to the children. Maria has a great routine which has helped me with my son at home. […]

Olivia Swadling

Liv always welcomes my son and I with a smile, asks about both of us and fosters, not only my son’s wellbeing with his friends, but also my relationship with […]

Marie Routsis

Marie is an awesome educator because she connects with the children on such a great level and you can see she genuinely cares for them and is extremely professional, I […]

Annabelle Claro

Always so warm and caring with my child. And lots of love with working with children. Nominated by Ashley Liu

Stephanie Chantrey

Stephanie is a very approachable educator who always helps the children feel safe, secure and supported when in care. She is fun, exciting and is always smiling. Her compassion for […]

Vivien Green

Vivien treats all her little charges like they were her own children and makes a huge effort to help them feel comfortable and happy at day care. She puts a […]

Yanan Zhang

Yanna is very professional, passionate and patient with job. Treat kids very very nice and she is my son’s favorite teach! Nominated by Tracy Shao

Sarah Finnigan

Giggle and grow is safe, clean.. Because Sarah is exceptionally experienced (17yrs) and she’s qualified as well. Because her space is purpose built and she is totally across the abilities […]

Shauna Stephens

I don’t feel comfortable leaving my child but Shauna makes you feel relaxed,confident & with her glowing loving aura you feel important & cared for. Nominated by Ashleigh Walker

Skye Kollias

Skye has taken over our centre around 9 months ago. In this time she has revamped the centre, employed caring and hard working staff who look after my child to […]

Lisa Avery

Lisa is an absolute asset. She knows her children very well. Challenges and has high expectations in terms of behaviour and participation. Lisa is wonderful with parents too- very caring, […]

Natasha Franco

Navish has been in the Iris room for an year now and Natasha has consistently shown the abilities of an excellent, caring and understanding educator. Been overly happy with her […]

Trudie Pennekamp

Trudie is the most kind, caring, creative and imaginative career our family has had. She is truly engaging and cares for our children’s development. Nominated by Tani Crotty

Emma Patterson

It’s never easy to leave your child with a stranger – but Emma never felt like a stranger to us. She has spent time building a relationship with Marcella, and […]

Jenny Mc Laughlin

Jenny goes above and beyond to help her littleies transition into care. Dash has learned so much in the short space of time he has been there and asks every […]

Tanya Speechley

I was so nervous to send my daughter to care, but Tanya has been absolutely amazing! Layla is so happy to go each day and Tanya is great at coming […]

Jodiee Murphy

Amazing attention towards kids, very helpful and professional specially first days/ weeks. Extremely hands on and if you need something person to go. Best of best. Nominated by Nidia Santos Jodiee […]

Olivia Hanson

Miss Olivia is super loving and caring. Her sweet and friendly tone puts the kids at ease. Great Observation of kids and continuously encourage them to succeed. My son loves […]

Patricia Paris

Patty is the reason my son goes to daycare! She is so aware of each and every child in her centre, their feelings, their capabilities, and takes the time and […]

Karina Lopez

From day one Miss Karina was exceptional in dealing with my 3 year old who was very shy and adapting to a new daycare. She always shows genuine kindness and […]

Cherie Stephenson

Cherie is a beautiful person. She is cares about the children she looks after and also provides education, love and support. She is so good at what she does and […]

Kathleen Yatkowsky

Kathleen always puts the needs of her kids and families first. With highly detailed monthly themes based on the children’s interest she shows the children in her care about the […]

Camilla Da Silva Farias

Camilla takes care of my children even for the past 3 years, even before she opened her own day care. Lids fell in love with her instantly due to her […]

Rhiannon Massey

Rhiannon is a nurturing innovative and inspiring educator, regardless of the age of children that she teaches. Nominated by Soo kuan

Kelly Cafe

We’ve had our boys with her for the past 4 years and wouldn’t have them looked after by anyone else. Kel is organised and everyday is productive. Nominated by Tammy Scott

Sam Sladdin

sam looks after my daughter in such a loving caring way. She is so proud of her when she succeeds and cares for her when she tired teething etc and […]

Stephanie Moore

She treats the kids as though they are her own. They are well looked after and cared for. She talors learning to their ability not age and helps them learn […]

Leah Steindl

Leah is an awesome educator, she lives for her kids both biological and day care. She is totally dedicated to the development, education and general wellbeing of all the children […]

Pamela Harries

Pamela meets the children, at their pace and at their space in time. She genuinely cares about what they’re interested in and how to continue wondering and exploring about the […]

Casey Fraser

Casey is the most selfless, caring, loving person I could ever ask for to help my children grow. She goes above and beyond for her families in times of crisis. […]

Shannon Murray

Shannon is caring and loving. Our grandson absolutely loves his day care days often talking about and play acting as Shannon. She has a great academic program to constantly teach […]

Rose Geytenbeek

Rose is one of the most passionate, dedicated and super creative educator I have met. She gives 110% to her work. All her activities are much better then any professional […]

Deidre Love

Deidre is just incredible. It is clear all of the children adore her and she goes out of her way to brighten their day. I love how she teaches the […]

Stacey Roche

Stacey is an amazing educator. She is compassionate, thoughtful and honest and I know my little girl will be given so much love and attention during the day and that […]

Marti Lancaster

I am in awe of the passion, motivation and enthusiasm Marti exhibits for her job all day, every day. Marti is a coordinator. She coordinates all things fun. Egg carton […]

Brett Cole

Has my son feel like his at home, always has a smile on his face when you get there, is always there to make sure the kids are happy and […]

Rowena Banayad

Rowena has built a relationship with our boy based on trust, care and fun! When little Andrey is at home and he wants to play child care, the person he […]

Emma Barber

Emma and the team and Ragamuffins have cared from both my boys. They teach, care and also learn from all their kids. Nominated by Jennifer Jeffs

Kristen Purvis

Kristen engages the chrildren, encourages them to have a go and try their best and has an amazing enthusiasm that rubs off into everyone around her. Everyone admired and respects […]

Sarah Davis

Sarah is a fantastic educator. She listens and adopts her lessons to each child’s needs/interests. Sarah is also passionate about healthy choices, environmentally friendly choices, sustainability and she educated the […]

Samantha Katrib

She’s very passionate to every kids, show sympathy to the children when they are upset and will do everything to cheer them up. Following up with every parents about their […]

Kirsty Ross

Kirsty is a dedicated and knowledgeable educator who focuses on continually improving early childhood education. She provides amazing learning programs, inspiring each and every child to grow socially, emotionally and […]

Alisha Gouveia

Alisha is a great educator and is always on the ball, she is very helpful and Luka my 4 year old feel very comfortable with her. Alisha is a asset […]

Heidi Newlan

Heidi has set up a blank canvas space to feels like the best second home for Lily and all her fellow Day Care friends. She puts in an enormous effort […]

Melissa Gurtler

Sometimes in your life you come across people who are truely inspiring! Mellissa is this not only to her lucky daycare children but also to their parents, inspiring us all […]

Courtney Richardson

Courtney is an educator that has stood out for me throughout my children’s time within early childhood education and care settings. She is constantly upbeat and positive and works so […]

Deborah Weisse

As a first time mum heading back to the workforce, I was anxious about leaving my daughter (Aura) with a stranger. From my first contact with Deb i felt so […]

Lara Veleski

Lara is an awesome teacher, because she is attentive to the needs of all children, wether they be babies, toddlers and pre-primary schoolers. She does this by mixing up her […]

Marina Veleski

Marina is a very dedicated and passionate educator who loves what she does. She is always happy, bubbly and welcoming. She has guided and mentored many people who are interested […]

Sarah Crossan

Sarah started her certificate 3 with us in February this year she has been an outstanding trainee always takes initiative and is hard working. Sarah is so kind and loving […]

Olivia Pancari

Olivia is so friendly and welcoming and she is always coming up with fun and adventurous activities for the children. Olivia is also flexible and helpful when ever I as […]

Anna Middlemiss

Anna takes great pride in her work, always smiling and listening to the children. She’s always finding ways to relate to each individual child and goes above and beyond to […]

Cathy Nicholson

Cathy is fantastic and like a second mum to my 3 kids. They love being looked after by her and i have absolute trust in the care she provides. Nominated […]

Riza Wilbow

Riza took on my child half way through the year and adapted so well into her routine. She continues to make us all feel very welcomed every time we arrive. […]

Paula Gilio

Paula is an amazing educator. I love how she tries to teach the children about everything from different religions, to different cultures, celebrating Chinese New Year. Her class is better […]

Elizabeth Vrinat

Liz is completely selfless and constantly goes over an above in caring, supporting the kids as well as her staff. She works tirelessly and will go to great lengths to […]

Olivia Schrader

Olivia has always put the children first. She is an awesome educator because she has embraced change in our service and utilised new things she is learning to bring better […]

Lucy Fletcher

Lucy is so passionate about early education and care. She always gives 100% keeps abreast with the lasted recommendations and regulations. She has a wonderful relationship with all families and […]

Vanessa Landow

I find Miss Ness very great to talk to about my childs day and tells me everything my child has done and goes beyond to explain anything in her own […]

Prue French

Prue is a true professional with her kind and caring nature she has been the best early childhood educator we could ask for. Prue is absolutely one remarkable lady. Nominated […]

Ebony Shroot

Ebony is warm and loving, welcoming and honest. Her approach with my children is patient and fair. She is very lovable and does everything she can to give my children […]

Nazanin Rahnamarad

From day one, I have noticed that she is very committed towards her work, she knows how to settle kids, she has well understanding of kids psychology to understand the […]

Shoko Wark

My daughter been under Shoko’s care for over 3 yrs, we have seen tremendous changes, learnings and maturity from our daughter. Shoko gave up a lot of her own time […]

Brooke James

Brooke runs an imaginative, fun and educational program that my son loves. Nominated by Vivien Walsh

Katrina Ramsay

Trina truly cares for her daycare kids as if they were her own. Ensuring they are always inspired to learn, play and have fun. The atmosphere that she creates in […]

Luciel Kruger

Luciel provides an environment that is warm, safe and welcoming whilst also clean, structured and stimulating. She is passionate about the children in her care and providing them with the […]

Natasha Poi

Tash is a calming soul that works with babies and has so much love to give , we call her our Earth mother. The babies adore her and she gives […]

Tabitha Webb

Tabitha works in Family Day Care in the ACT. She is continuously striving to improve her practice and the experiences she provides to children. Her compassionate nature and her enthusiasm […]

Nona Pimm

Nona is the most passionate and caring educator. She provides individualized care to her children which allows them to flourish and grow. She provides a welcoming environment, where the children […]

Karen Lancaster

Karen goes above and beyond the call of duty. The children are engaged and stimulated in her awesome family home environment. She communicates well. Nominated by Kristy Lancaster

Jacey Kitcher

Jacey is an absolute blessing to all of her FDC families. She is the most caring and attentive person and has become a part of our family. Jacey treats all […]

Jackie Brierley

Jackie is such a bubbly, fun, organised woman who our children adore. She has created such a warm caring and loving environment for her kids. We couldn’t be happier with […]

Michelle Laffrey

Two of my children have or are attending Early Birds Pre Kindy and they have both loved it. Miss Michelle is a wonderful person, she makes prekindy a fun and […]

Jade Borg

I have found Jade to be an amazingly dedicated Early childhood educator since she started working at penrith early learning center she has done so much work to make the […]

Despina Mamounis

Despina has been a second mum to my kids. She always cares for them like her own. I never worry when I leave my son with her all day, as […]

Eleni Grigoriou

Eleni is a wonderful friend of the children. She is kind and caring, someone who the children feel comfortable around and comforted by. She cares about the growth and development […]

Alana Thompson

Alana has looked after two of my girls. She doesn’t just let them function, she notices the little things like a joke or some humor, that only someone with a […]

Leah Coghill

Leah is an awesome educator because she is so lovely, always keeps me up to date on what my son does through the day and he absolutely adores her. She […]

Helen Lu

Ms Helen is a very popular educator in their center. She is able to speak multiple languages to kids with different background. She is always patient and proactive. Nominated by Jasmine […]

Pablo Nettuno

Pablo is genuinely fit to be an early childhood educator. His fun and warm personality is second to none. He is always seen engaging with the children and he’s such […]

Tamara Wilkie

Tamara goes above and beyond her minimal responsibilities as an educator. She is an amazing role model for the children ensuring she is providing not only a fun and loving […]

Sara Nicholson

Sara has only been an educator for a few months but she hit the ground running. She is so passionate and hard working. She goes above and beyond for her […]

Hayley Sheehan

Hayley comes across as such a warm and loving individual. She is fantastic with toddlers and young children, very affectionate yet firm when required. Children love her caring personality, and […]

Angie Steib

Angie goes out of her way to make every day special for every child in her room. She cares for their social, academic and physical development and manages to show […]

Lily Kennedy-Saunders

Lily is always welcoming in her approach to children. Her nurturing manner, bright smile and kind nature make her popular with children, families and educators alike. Lily always goes above […]

Hannah Anthill

Hannah gives her everything to the children in her care. She treats the children and parents with such respect & has admirable patience & tenderness when it comes to the […]

Shelley Scholten

Shelley is the most loving caring beautiful lady, my baby boy Kingsley absolutely adores her. From day 1 I have felt so comfortable leaving him behind going back to work […]

Melanie Dickerson

Melanie is one of the most genuine and eager educators I have ever met. Melanie makes it her mission each day to ensure that not only the children in her […]

Jenny Lloyd

We’ve been with Jen for over 4 years now and she’s the most important extra family member we have. Nurturing, friendly and enthusiastic our kids come home everyday with new […]

Renee Wakelin

Renee goes far and beyond her duties as an educator who is trustworthy, loyal and dedicated. There has never been a time she hasn’t welcomed us without a smile on […]

Jessica Sides

Jessica strives to be the best she can be, as a person, educator and friend! She works hard to develop her friend in care to their full potential, with challenging […]

Jasmine Mullineaux

Really knows well every child at the centre. Great at managing staff,children and parents. Always helpful and responsive. Nominated by Maria Martinez

Thamara Brandigampala

She is as kind as a grandma and at the same time she is as serious as a good teacher… Nominated by Daniel Eftekharian Ms Thamara has always been very friendly […]

Cina Robbins

Jacinta has helped my son so much, she is kind, patient and understanding. She has taught my son a lot and me as well. Even when I move house I […]

Bindi Pahladi

Bindi never ceases to amaze me with her activities she does with the kids. Lots of fun at home and excursions out and about, learning as they go. As new […]

Caz Harrison

Caz dedicates herself to getting to know each student and what they need from her. She takes time to regonize their strethgs and what they need to work on. She […]

Brittany Connor

Brittany is a wonderful educator. She is very attentive to each child’s personal needs. She brings a lot of humour to her classroom and with this the children (pre schoolers) […]

Brett Rae

Brett is an awesome educator as she is kind, fair and loving. Brett guides the children gently but gives them freedom to be who they truely are. Nominated by Tina Walsh

Pam Chugg

Pam always goes above and beyond for the children often spending her own time and resources finding interactive games and fun things for the children to do. Nominated by Shannon Maxwell […]

Lisa Rayner

Lisa has a very calm, loving, caring, happy and fun persona about her yet professional . She has a very special way with the children which has formed a beautiful […]

Linda Mclarnon

We have found Linda to be an amazing family day carer she is so professional her facilities and program is like no nother she has a genuine care for the […]

Sam Eaves

Sam has taken on new challenges this year through a new role, she is owning it! Wonderful relationships with the children, love when educators generally care! Nominated by Brooke Kirkham Sam […]

Zaza Mourad

My kids love Zaza. She always has a smile for them, hence they look forward to seeing her. She goes above and beyond being an educator. Nominated by Joy Bergagnin Zaza […]

Samantha Bowhay

Sam is amazing with the kids! She gets them outdoors and isn’t afraid to let them get a bit dirty. They explore sensory play, paint, draw and ride bikes. My […]

Carol Freeman

Carol has been nothing but a great support and educator to my little girl since she was 5 months old! Flexible with my constant changing roster and has been the […]

Wiebke Maticka

Wiebke is the centres educational leader. She mentors, inspires and challenges each educator to further develop thier skills and knowledge. She has a passion for the environment and cultural perspectives. […]

Christine Betsos

Christine is an amazing educator, she is patient, loving and kind towards all the children in her care. She demonstrates a high level of professionalism in her day to day […]

Amber Blake

Amber is constantly looking for ways to improve centre communication between families and the service. Amber is always up for a challenge and likes to further develop the centre communication […]

Megan Waring

Megan is passionate about her role in nurturing and educating children. She is dedicated to her role and will always go the extra mile for our centre, familes and children. […]

Susan Thistleton

Susan knows what she wants to achieve, how to get there and won’t let anything get in her way, if she gets knocked down she gets straight back up and […]

Cass Dodd

Miss Cass is an awesome educator because of her capacity to be professional to all, but approachable and compassionate at the same time! She loves her job, but mostly she […]

Gulnaz Perveen

I using her service for my son and she is great. I love kinderloop. She is very caring, understaning and I love her work. I love to see her facebook […]

Jade Howell

Having 5 children of her own, including one step-son, you’d think Jade would be busy enough, but she has always made time and room in her heart for more children. […]