This is why we are building kinderloop!


This is why we are building kinderloop!

It makes our hearts sing when we receive this kind of feedback…

Hey Dan,

Just a little something I forgot to pass on to you.

At Big Fat Smile as an organisation we employ a creative team of educators that are musicians, artists and creative play workers that visit the centres to enhance our programs. Over the last 3 weeks we have had Penny, who is our musician, visiting to do some music sessions with the children. Penny is also is a band, and her band is going on a 2 month tour in WA, cutting here visit here short. But, we are going to be tracking Penny on her trip, keeping in touch with her via email, etc… This morning was her last session with the children here before her tour, so I added her as one of the staff so that she can add to our daily feed, updating the children and families about her trip and her big tour! She is going to take photos and post them regularly during her tour!! Two words… so awesome!! I can’t think of any other way this kind of sharing can occur in a child care centre! How enriching for our children, families and our team! After our talk, I have just called one of my staff members who is on holidays and asked her to start to post photos of her holidays on kinderloop to share with the children! And, in May, I’m going to America for a holiday, so I will be posting photos to share with the children on my holiday too!! Exciting!

Everyday this app just keeps getting better and inspires my team to go above and beyond for families. The possibilities are endless; I can’t wait to see where this app will be in 6 months, 12 months, 2 years time!!! And the opportunities it provides for my team and my families to communicate with one another is like we have never had before! (And were not even using the app to its full potential yet!) I cannot thank you enough for being the creative and innovative individual that you are and creating the app that all preschool teachers had in their head, but didn’t know where to start!!

Thanks Dan, I appreciate your help, with everything!!
I will continue to be in touch!

Nicole, Woronora Heights Preschool