How to exceed in all 7 quality areas!


How to exceed in all 7 quality areas!

Last week was an amazing week for the Kinderloop family; 4 child care centres achieved ‘Exceeding’ in all 7 quality areas, a huge tick for Kinderloop. Below is a little excerpt from their story…

We are a small service of only 3 educators who have worked collectively in Childcare and Education for 75 years.

We constantly faced challenges; to stay motivated, up to date, and to research quicker ways to record and inform our families about children in our care.

Then along came Kinderloop! This program and technology has changed our working lives.

All educators have embraced this communication tool more that I could ever imagine. We are having professional conversations at a much greater level. One result of this is our individual motivation level has improve to deliver a service which has increased the two way conversations between educators, families and the wider community

The Educators are regularly sharing private Kinderloop posts as a tool to communicate with each other so families do not have to repeat themselves to each educator at a shift change.

Kinderloop has evolved as a tool to basically make our service paper free ( a huge tick for sustainability).

The key to our success is the use of the groups.

Currently we have 22 groups, ranging from each days daily reflection, to sustainability, to children’s interest to family interactions, staff meetings and communication , work health and safety and cultural competence and so on. We have recognised the groups are an area that will grow and change as the need arises.

We have just been assessed by DEC for National assessment and rating. (our first time ever)

The use of Kinderloop to show evidence in all 58 elements under the 7 quality areas was overwhelming. We achieved exceeding in all areas.

I sat down with the assessor and spent two hours navigating Kinderloop to show all the required links from children, families and the wider community. Linkages were obvious using the EYLF tags and the Principals and Practices tags.

The beauty of Kinderloop is the multi tagging which show the cross over into many varied groups. Our assessor was suitably impressed hence the comments she made:

“Educators record children’s voices via Kinderloop.”

“Children’s participation in physical activities is highlighted to families through photos and comments on Kinderloop”

“Confidential Kinderloop posts are used by educators to share and record educator communications. Educators who do not work full time check these posts prior to their shift to stay up to date”.

Thanks Jenine, Robertson Community Preschool

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Update 09/03.15
The report has us EXCEEDING in all 85 elements!!