Meet our Educators: Marney – Wee Wonders, Kensington

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Meet our Educators: Marney – Wee Wonders, Kensington

Q – What is the best thing about working with little people? 
A – The love and care you can give them, and the reward of watching them grow and learn.

Q – What’s a standout moment of joy you’ve had as an Educator? 
A – When my babies learn to say my name, and watching them run into your arms.

Q – Is there a style of teaching that inspires and motivates you? 
A – I love hands on experiences and becoming involved in their experiences. Love to teach through art and crafts.

Q – How does Kinderloop help you in your role as an Educator? 
A – It allows me to have the families involved in what we are learning, and provide them with feedback.

Q – What’s your favourite feature (or features) in Kinderloop? 
A – Adding videos, planning walls and un-deleting deleted items.

**Note from Kinderloop…
Hey Marney! Have you seen our new “long video” option? Introduced to help Educators throughout the COVID-19 isolation period. Long video length can be up to 20 minutes… enough time to record and post storytime, or an activity for the children in your care, who are currently learning from home. A great feature to stay in close contact with your families throughout this uncertain time!
To access Kinderloop’s long video feature, please ensure you’ve updated your app. Next time you’re creating a post, you’ll see the option available to you where you would usually add images or video.

Q – Is there a feature that you’d like to see incorporated into Kinderloop? 
A – Mmm I would have to think!

Q – Do you have a favourite activity or recipe you could share? 
A – I love shaving foam…. adding colour or flowers, and letting the children explore with their hands. Also I love freezing ice cubes with sparkles, pom poms or flowers in them, and inviting the children to explore them.

Thanks so much for your feedback Marney! It’s really fascinating to see how other Educators think and operate!

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